Although we are a medical consulting firm, we do have a vocational expert in our network. We may be able to assist you in obtaining a vocational expert report to support your claim for the maximum total disability rating if you are:

  1. Currently service connected with a disability rating of at least 60%, or a combined rating of at least 70% with at least one disability at 40%, and
  2. Unemployed, and
  3. Have either a TDIU claim pending or an increase rating claim pending.

Evidence supporting TDIU claims includes current treatment records, any medical reports that document the nature of your impairment and symptoms, work history, educational background, any special training or certificates, and anything else relevant to your work skills. If you have maintained employment but at the marginal level, historical income evidence may be required, such as a Social Security earnings statement or recent tax returns.

TDIU cases can be very challenging to handle on one’s own. In addition to a vocational expert, we would highly recommend that a veteran pursuing this type of claim obtain legal counsel. In our opinion, a client’s case has better chances of success when our vocational reports are used in conjunction with the assistance of a qualified attorney.

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