Our prices are subject to change, but right now, our flat fees are as follows:

  • Internal Medicine Reports $1,500 – $1,800
  • Psychiatry Reports $3,000
  • Psychology Report: No exam $1,800
  • Psychology Report: Tele-Exam $2,500
  • Orthopedic Reports $2,500
  • Chiropractic Reports $950
  • Family Medicine Reports $1,350
  • Otolaryngology Reports $2,500
  • Nurse Practitioner of Physician’s Assistant $900
  • Vocational Report $1,500
  • Other Specialties Call for pricing

You’ll notice that chiropractic reports are cheaper than the reports by orthopedic physicians. Although our clients frequently win claims using a qualified chiropractor, they do not carry the same degree of weight as an M.D.’s opinion. Still, it is a cheaper option for neck and back disability cases.

Similarly, the reports by our nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants are also considerably cheaper. And don’t let the cheaper cost fool you. Our PA’s write tremendous reports that have won many cases and successfully refuted unsupportive reports from VA medical doctors. If you’re looking for a solid medical nexus opinion for a low price, we highly recommend using our physician’s assistants or nurse practitioners.

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Every veteran’s story is unique when it comes to collecting VA disability benefits.
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