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Elite Medical Review Associates, LLC

Elite Medical Review Associates, LLC is the nation’s premiere veteran-focused medical consulting firm.

Our trained medical professionals prepare VA nexus letters for U.S. veterans seeking VA compensation and successful VA decision appeals.

With offices in Florida, our medical staff specializes in forming medical nexus opinions for veterans’ VA disability claims and courtroom litigation. Renowned for achieving service connection in some of the nation’s most complex VA claims cases, our medical experts have decades of experience advocating for veterans with all types of health conditions.

Types of Cases

  • Orthopedic
  • Psychiatric / Mental Health
  • Cancers
  • Diabetes / Endocrine / Metabolic
  • Gastrointestinal / Digestive
  • Heart Disease / Cardiovascular
  • Military
    Sexual Trauma
  • Sleep Disorders / Sleep Apnea
  • Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Skin
  • Cause of Death (DIC)
  • Hearing Loss / Meniere’s Disease
  • Health Coaching / Services

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Why Do U.S. Veterans Choose Elite Medical Review Associates?

As a trained physician, U.S. attorney, and American Academy of Legal Medicine Fellow, our chief medical analyst offers decades of experience advocating for U.S. veterans in highly-complex VA disability claims. Our medical director is a medical doctor who also holds a Ph.D.

Many of our veteran-focused team members hold dual degrees in medicine and law, offering unparalleled insight and resources for clinical, scientific, and legal evidence supporting veterans claims – insight and resources that medical professionals alone lack.

We recruit our case managers from law firms specializing in  Social Security claims, VA disability claims, medical malpractice cases, and personal injury cases – ensuring an in-depth understanding of law as it applies to medicine.

Consistently on the cutting edge of medical-legal developments, our medical professionals aren’t preoccupied with developing a practice and generating revenue. As specialists in forensic medicine, our experts are handpicked for their writing and analytical abilities and their knowledge of the VA claims process and nexus letter requirements, including VA-required standards of proof and legal language requirements – increasing the odds of service connection.

Our physicians maintain strong connections with the nation’s top veteran’s disability attorneys, offering high-quality legal advocates for veterans pursuing more difficult disability claims and appeals. In many cases, these legal advocates will front the cost of our nexus letters and medical consulting services, so veterans don’t have to worry about paying fees until they after they collect their VA compensation.

Our physicians provide an honest, objective assessment of your case before you decide to use our nexus letter services, advising you on the best route for your case that will result in the least cost to you.

Over the years, we have honed our services to be able to provide high-quality medical nexus letters at a reasonable, fixed, predetermined cost. Our extensive experience with veterans’ claims allows us to direct you to the medical experts that fit best with your specific case, increasing your chances of winning VA compensation.

Many medical consulting firms attempt to be a “Jack of all trades,” going well beyond the scope of their expertise, training, education and even licensure – resulting in veterans receiving fragmented, incomplete, unqualified nexus letters and access letter reviews.

For example, it is common among inexperienced or unqualified firms to assign a psychologist to write a medical opinion linking a veteran’s sleep apnea to military service. Sleep apnea is clearly a condition requiring extensive training in sleep medicine and pulmonary function. Not only did this psychologist go beyond the scope of his training and expertise, but he went beyond the scope of his licensure. Needless to say, the VA denied the veteran’s VA claim for sleep apnea service connection.

At Elite Medical Review Associates, our doctors are renowned for their meticulous research, recognition of all relevant links between service events and disabilities, and diligent nexus letter preparation. By providing strong support for VA claims right from the start, we help our veteran clients avoid months to years of VA appeals for denied claims - preserving valuable time and money.

Veterans seeking service connection and maximum disability ratings need the benefit of a medical consulting firm whose in-house experts can guide you to VA-qualified medical professionals in various specialties that will advocate on your behalf.

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U.S. Medical Experts Specializing in VA Nexus Letters

High-quality nexus letters may be less critical for conditions on VA presumptive lists. However, the majority of VA claims involve non-presumptive conditions. In these cases, the nexus letter can mean the difference between winning VA compensation and years of VA denials or claims appeals.

VA Claims Requiring Expert Nexus Letters May Include:

  • VA claims for illness appearing months or years after military discharge
  • VA claims for illnesses caused by treatment of a separate health condition
  • VA claims for Meniere’s Disease or hearing loss
  • VA claims for mental illness resulting from physical disability
  • VA claims for military sexual trauma (MST)
  • VA claims for secondary service-connection
  • VA claims for service-related aggravation of an existing health problem
  • VA claims for survivor benefits (DIC)
  • VA claims with no in-service record of current health problems

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VA denies more than 30% of all veteran disability claims, many of which are eventually approved only after multiple appeals.

In many cases,
VA will deny veterans’ claims due to:

  • Misunderstanding or misreading the medical nexus opinion
  • Doctor writing the VA nexus letter does not meet VA requirements
  • Doctor fails to provide enough evidence to support service connection
  • Doctor uses incorrect standard of proof in medical nexus opinion
  • Doctor uses unclear, inconclusive language in medical nexus opinion
  • Non-supportive C&P exam report

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