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Elite Medical Review Associates is a medical consulting firm that offers services to disabled veterans who need a medical nexus letter or report to support their claim for VA disability compensation.

Often, veterans want to handle their own VA claim without a lawyer or with the assistance of a veteran service officer. Under these situations, veterans often do not know where to turn to obtain a VA medical nexus letter to support their case. We are here to serve those seeking a VA nexus letter. Although we respect the do-it-yourself approach, keep in mind that in complex, high-stakes cases, we may recommend that you also retain legal counsel. The best combination in complex cases is to hire a top-notch, aggressive VA disability law firm and obtain a medical nexus letter. The complex cases tend to be ones involving psychiatric claims such as PTSD, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and military sexual trauma. As discussed elsewhere on this site, there is a way to obtain a nexus letter without any cost up-front if done in conjunction with representation by a top VA disability law firm.

Veterans service officers don't have the resources or knowledge to direct veterans to the right places. And veterans are usually unable to obtain a medical nexus letter from their treating doctor. Most VA physicians are prohibited from writing nexus letters for patients in the disability compensation system.

Occasionally, you will find a VA primary care doctor who is willing to write a nexus letter, but these doctors are typically unfamiliar with the VA compensation claims process and do not know how to write letters that will pass muster for VA purposes. In addition, many treating doctors do not understand the VA’s standard of proof or will use vague language in the medical opinion. VA rejects these reports as being too speculative.

VA will typically reject any medical opinion that is not based on a complete review of the claims file, including service and post service medical records. If you're trying to obtain a VA nexus letter to support your claim for service connection, the opinion must be fully informed. The physician writing the report must have reviewed all the relevant data. For disability claims concerning an increased rating, review of the service medical records is less important, but a review of all relevant records during the relevant time frame is still necessary.

Even if the veteran has a private treating physician, these doctors typically won’t have the time necessary to research and write a thorough report. Further, private doctors often don't have access to the complete records to render an informed opinion.

In addition, private doctors, and doctors in general, are very nervous about getting involved in any type of legal case for a patient. A veteran can easily scare off a private doctor by even bringing up the existence of some type of legal case.

Unlike some VA nexus letter consulting firms who use nurse practitioners and physicians' assistants, we obtain reports from M.D.'s and Ph.D.'s. Although NP's and P.A's are cheaper, and we do have P.A's in our organization, it is often advisable to get the higher credentialed professional. The old saying, "you get what you pay for." hold true here. Our medical director holds an M.D. degree and a Ph.D. However, if you are on a budget, we can provide a report by a P.A. if that is all you can afford. 

So where does a veteran turn to find
a doctor who will write a VA nexus letter?

Here at we seek to fill this void and provide
a service to disabled veterans who need to obtain a VA nexus letter
to support their claim for VA compensation.

Our doctors are very experienced in the VA disability
compensation arena and have written VA nexus letters on
behalf of disabled veterans with great success.

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Every veteran’s story is unique when it comes to collecting VA disability benefits.
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