VA Nexus Letters for TDIU Claims

Are you seeking Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) benefits to collect disability compensation at a 100% rating?

Even if your combined schedular rating doesn’t equal 100%, you can win TDIU VA benefits.

Although our medical consulting firm specializes in providing nexus letters and VA disability opinions for disabled veterans, our vocational experts can assess employability and write VA nexus letters that support TDIU claims. There are also complex legal issues involved in TDIU cases, such as marginal employment and the legal standards that the VA must apply when deciding TDIU cases.

Often, TDIU claims require significant legal assistance. While Elite Medical Review Associates prepares VA nexus letters for TDIU claims, we strongly recommend that veterans seek legal counsel as well.

If you’re currently seeking TDIU benefits from the VA, or wanting to appeal a denied claim,
contact Elite Medical Review Associates today. We can help.

Appealing Denial of Your VA Claim?

Having to Fight for Your Rightful Compensation is
Frustrating, Challenging, and Necessary.

Every veteran’s story is unique when it comes to collecting VA disability benefits.
Our medical experts customize their approach to each individual, maximizing the
outcome for each case.

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