Can I obtain a VA nexus letter at no charge upfront?

Although there are consulting firms that do charge for medical nexus reports on a contingency fee basis, as noted above, we believe such fee structures are unethical and charge too much for a very limited service.

But there is a way to obtain a VA nexus letter without having to pay money upfront. You could obtain a high-quality VA nexus letter from virtually any medical expert that you chose by hiring an experienced VA disability law firm to represent you.

Most heavy hitting VA disability law firms will front the costs of the legal and medical experts for you. Granted, you would have to pay a percentage of your VA compensation depending on their contingency fee, but you would receive high-quality VA claim preparation services – including a compelling VA nexus letter – without having to pay anything until you receive benefits. This is often the difference between wining and losing; a quality nexus letter versus no nexus letter due to your limited finances.

Accordingly, we believe the best strategy to obtain a VA nexus letter is to hire a highly skilled and reputable VA disability compensation lawyer. While you certainly can prepare a winning VA claim yourself with a persuasive nexus letter written by a medical expert who specializes in VA claims, we believe in speaking candidly about the realities of the situation. There is simply no substitute for highly skilled legal representation.

Veterans’ disability benefits lawyers know how to guide the case through the system, spot the relevant issues, make the appropriate legal arguments, and develop the most powerful medical theories. Combining a highly skilled legal team with a strong VA nexus letter written by our medical experts has proven to be the most successful approach, ensuring our clients collect the maximum VA compensation possible.

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