How Do I Obtain a Nexus Letter From My Own Doctor Instead of VA Nexus Letter Doctors?

If you are considering a claim for disability benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), you might need a nexus letter from a doctor to get the outcome you deserve. These letters are written by medical professionals, and they provide their opinion on how your disability is linked to your military service. 

It is natural to wonder if you can obtain a nexus letter from your own doctor, and some people are able to do so. Unfortunately, many physicians either refuse to prepare these letters or are unfamiliar with the VA benefits process. Elite Medical Review Associates can connect you with VA nexus letter doctors.

Is My Doctor Authorized to Submit a Nexus Letter?

When it comes to the doctors and the ability to write nexus letters to the VA, there are few restrictions or limitations. Generally, any doctor licensed to practice medicine in the United States is able to submit these documents to the VA. That means any of your doctors—from a family practitioner to a specialist—could perform this task for you. It also means other individuals with appropriate medical training and experience can also submit nexus letters.

Your doctor has the ability to write a letter on your behalf, but that does not mean they will be able to do so. Many doctors choose not to offer this service, so it is entirely possible your primary care physician might not agree to author your letter. Other doctors might not have the experience with the VA disability system needed to craft a letter that is likely to lead to a successful claim. And most won’t have the time.  In addition, most treating doctors do not want to get involved in any matter where there is a legal proceeding.  

If you primarily receive medical care from the VA, they have an obligation to assist you throughout the disability claims process. However, that does not mean a physician from the VA will write a nexus letter on your behalf. While they may examine you, their efforts are often insufficient to help secure benefits. Most will not write nexus letters for you.  The good news is that you have other options for finding VA nexus letter doctors.

Who Can Write a Nexus Letter?

Your primary care physician has the ability to write a nexus letter for you, but there are other medical professionals who could also help. For many veterans, the support of specialists could improve their chances of having their claim approved. For example, a psychiatrist might be the best person to make the case for a link between your military service and any mental health issues you suffer from. Likewise, your podiatrist is likely in the best position to explain how your foot injuries are service-connected. 

You might also seek help from medical professionals who are not doctors at all. In addition to someone with a medical degree, a physician assistant could write a letter on your behalf. Physician assistants have extensive training and are allowed to treat patients under limited circumstances. This includes writing nexus letters for VA benefit cases. Nurse practitioners—who are nurses with advanced degrees—also are able to perform this function. 

There are also some medical professionals who are not qualified to supply these letters. This is usually based on the lack of formal training compared to doctors, nurses, or physician assistants. Some examples include acupuncturists and herbalists.  

How to Find VA Nexus Letter Doctors

Finding a doctor or other medical professional willing to write a VA nexus letter on your behalf is not always easy. Many primary care physicians are not willing to do so, and the doctors that are frequently do not advertise their availability. Tracking down a doctor on your own can be a lengthy process of trial and error.

There are services available for providing you with a VA nexus letter doctor or otherwise assisting with your claim. Unfortunately, not all of these companies operate above board. It is crucial to understand what these companies are actually offering, as some may not provide a usable nexus letter at all. 

At Elite Medical Review Associates, we have extensive connections with doctors and other medical professionals who understand the VA disability benefits process. We offer a straightforward flat fee structure to ensure the veterans who rely on us are never caught by surprise.  We are confident in our ability to provide you with the medical expert you need to establish a connection between your disabling condition and your time in the military.  

Never trust a company that wants to charge you a percentage of the back pay to write a nexus letter.  Nexus letters should not cost more than a few thousand dollars–at most–and any fee arrangement that would have a veteran paying more than $10,000 for a nexus letter is not appropriate.  Only lawyers should be charging a percentage of back pay, and anyone else should be charging flat, up-front fees.

Is a Letter Even Necessary?

Given the time, difficulty, and expense of finding a doctor to write a nexus letter, it is understandable to wonder if any of this is necessary in the first place. It is true that some veterans are able to secure the benefits they need without a letter. Certain conditions are always considered to be service-connected if you were stationed in specific locations or have certain conditions pop up within certain time frames.

For anyone else, having a nexus letter is a good idea. It can help you with your initial claim, but they are also useful during the appeals process following a denial. While this document can paint a clear picture for the VA claims decision-maker that your disability is related to your military service, there is no guarantee of success. Some denials are unavoidable even when you have a letter in hand.

Let Elite Medical Review Associates Help You Find VA Nexus Letter Doctors

When it comes to obtaining nexus letters, your personal physician might be able to provide you with what you need. Unfortunately, not all doctors are willing or able to navigate the VA disability benefits system. While finding someone who can help can be a challenge, there are other doctors, nurses, and physician assistants qualified to help.

Elite Medical Review Associates is ready to help you identify the right medical expert for your case. The majority of our cases are handled by primary care and internal medicine physicians who have treated countless disabilities over the years. Contact us to learn more about how we can help. 

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