How much does a VA nexus letter cost?

The cost of a VA nexus letter varies across the country. Cost also varies depending on the medical specialty, the nature of the case, and the size of the file.

There are numerous medical expert locator firms that help pair up litigants with expert witnesses. These agencies typically cater to lawyers as clients and help lawyers find the right experts for their cases. They usually charge large upfront retainers with high billable hourly rates.

Most of these firms are way too costly for the average veteran who is often too disabled to work or whose income has been marginal for many years due to service-related disabilities. Moreover, this type of cost scenario is risky because most veterans aren’t well-versed in the billing nuisances and could end up owing a massive amount to the medical expert who wrote an opinion. These medical experts will not release their report until the veteran pays the full balance. In our experience, we have seen these firms charge more than $10,000 for medical expert services.

Over the years we have developed a simple flat fee structure to provide cost predictability for our disabled veteran clients. We are also upfront about our fees. Different medical specialties charge different fees, but most of our cases are handled by internal medicine and primary care physicians who have vast experience treating a host of disabilities. Naturally, if a specialty is needed, we will turn to the individuals within our network or refer you to a qualified specialist outside of our network.

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