Are your medical nexus letters guaranteed to win my VA benefits case?

No. There are never any guarantees.

It is possible that a doctor’s review of the evidence could reveal no scientific basis to establish a 50% probability of service connection. Our doctors are highly experienced veterans’ advocates who work diligently to identify all possible evidence of service connection. We have no ties to the government or VA and are not seeking ways to disprove service-connection like VA physicians or C&P examinations. Still, a scientific basis for service connection must exist to win VA benefits.

In addition, a strong nexus letter doesn’t guarantee that the VA will grant benefits. For example, the VA review board recently misread a highly compelling report prepared by our ENT doctor for Meniere’s disease, denying the veteran’s claim. With the aid of a legal team, the veteran won service connection on appeal using that same medical opinion. This is why legal representation used together with our services is the best strategy for winning. Multiple elements are involved in winning VA benefits – the nexus letter being incredibly important, but only one of the factors that play a role.

Appealing Denial of Your VA Claim?

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Frustrating, Challenging, and Necessary.

Every veteran’s story is unique when it comes to collecting VA disability benefits.
Our medical experts customize their approach to each individual, maximizing the
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