Exploring Free and Low-Cost Veterans Nexus Letter Options (Yes, You Have Them!)

June 12, 2024
Elite Medical Review Associates

There is no question that having a nexus letter written by a medical professional can help strengthen your case for disability benefits from the VA. The unfortunate reality for many veterans is that the cost of obtaining these letters can be overwhelming. Most require payment upfront, and there is never any guarantee of success. The good news is that you have options for putting forward a strong case on a limited budget. 

For starters, obtaining a VA letter may be more affordable than you think. It’s also helpful to consider this expense an investment in a successful disability claim, given how helpful these letters can be. If you lack the resources to pay for a letter, you also have the opportunity to provide your own statement. Let Elite Medical Review Associates help you evaluate your options.

Nexus Letters and Affordability

It is important to remember that there is not a standardized expense for nexus letters. Your case is unique, and the medical expert that is right for your case might not cost the same as those used in other cases. There are numerous factors that can go into determining the cost of a letter. 

Your location can have an impact on your ability to obtain a letter. If there are no doctors in your area—particularly those with experience treating your condition—your options may be limited. This can increase the cost of obtaining a letter or make it a challenge to secure one at all. Thankfully, you can pursue nexus letters from other parties in addition to physicians. You might have more luck—and save money—with a nexus letter written by a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or even a chiropractor. 

Your condition can also play a part in what your letter costs. Complicated health issues that are difficult to diagnose are often best served by a letter from a specialist. Not only are specialists harder to find, but they generally charge more as well. 

At Elite Medical Review Associates, we understand the challenge of obtaining a VA letter on a budget. We are proud of our straightforward, client-friendly pricing, and we look forward to discussing your options with you. 

But whatever you do, never work with a company that wants to charge you a percentage of your VA benefits in exchange for writing a nexus letter.  Legitimate companies charge money upfront and don’t engage in shady practices of using nexus letters as a means of getting a percentage of your VA benefits.

Can I Get a Veterans Nexus Letter for Free?

A nexus letter is not some kind of informal correspondence that can be thrown together in a matter of minutes. The value of these letters comes from an experienced medical professional taking the time to review your record and use medical research to explain your condition is as likely as not linked to your service. Because of what goes into writing these letters, obtaining them for free is usually not an option. 

However, you might be able to secure a veterans’ nexus letter without being charged anything upfront if you hire a VA disability law firm for an appeal. Some firms will cover the upfront cost of both your nexus letter and their legal work in exchange for paying a percentage of your recovery as their fee. When law firms do this, it is a legitimate practice–unlike these non-attorney claims assistance companies.  This approach is not for everyone, and many firms may be either unwilling to take on your case or to offer this contingency approach. And again, this approach only works for appeals because lawyers cannot get involved in new claims.

You also have the option to write your own letter. This is not formally considered a nexus letter unless you are a medical professional, but the decision-makers at the VA will review your statement regardless of your background. You can prepare your own document without it costing you anything, but the work that goes into these efforts can be significant. 

When writing your own statement, the most difficult part is identifying medical research that supports your conclusion. The good news is that many medical journals are published online and accessible for free, giving you the opportunity to perform your own research and make your case.

You can also strengthen your claim by obtaining letters from the people you served with. While they are not qualified to provide a medical opinion, they can confirm the details of the traumatic event during your service that triggered your disability.

Can I Get a Nexus Letter on Contingency?

Our team does not provide veterans nexus letters on contingency out of fairness to our clients. When your claim is successful, the percentage that consulting firms would take under a contingency fee agreement is often much higher than you might have paid upfront. This reduces the benefits you need to live comfortably moving forward. We consider it unethical for medical consulting firms to charge a contingency fee.  When this practice is done, it is usually done by companies that are flirting with the fringes of legality.  

For example, assume that you agree to pay 20 percent of your benefits in exchange for a nexus letter. If you are awarded $50,000, you stand to pay $10,000 for that letter. Based on our fee structures, that is far beyond what you can expect to pay for a letter from a qualified expert. We believe you are best served through fair, flat-fee rates based on the type of expert you need.

 In our experience, the best way we can serve veterans is by offering fair, flat-rate fees that vary depending on the type of medical professional you need. Our rates can change, but we are generally able to provide veterans nexus letters from physician assistants and nurse practitioners for under $1,000. Working with our experts may be more affordable than you realize.

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You have options for saving money while successfully pursuing a VA disability claim. From hiring a law firm to writing your own statement, you may be able to avoid paying anything upfront for your letter. However, most people will find themselves in a position where the best value comes with working with our experts early on in the process on a flat fee basis.

We know this process can be stressful, and we look forward to improving your chances of a successful claim. If you are ready to learn more about how we can work within your budget, contact us as soon as possible. 

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