Dispelling Common Myths About VA Nexus Letters and VA Claims

June 19, 2024
Elite Medical Review Associates

It is not hard to find information on the internet about nexus letters, but how much of it can you trust? These letters are a valuable tool for anyone pursuing a VA disability claim, but there are common misconceptions about them that are worth clearing up. A clear understanding of what a veteran nexus letter is and how to get one could be helpful to you as you seek compensation for your service-related condition. 

The experts at Elite Medical Review Associates are ready to do more than draft a strong veteran nexus letter on your behalf. We can answer any questions you have about the process, including clearing up any myths along the way. The following are some of the misconceptions that are most likely to lead veterans astray.

It is Not Possible to Obtain VA Benefits Without a Nexus Letter

Vetexus letters can be invaluable when it comes to your VA claim, but it is untrue to say you cannot find success without them. Some cases are straightforward enough that there is little doubt the disability is related to a veteran’s service. Some conditions are even presumptively service-connected, like certain Agent Orange or burn pit diseases.  In fact, a combination of serving in a specific place and developing a particular disease could lead to a presumption of service connectivity. 

The unfortunate reality is that for every person who succeeds with their VA disability claim without a nexus letter, there are countless others facing denials who could have benefited from one. In many situations, questions about service connections are the primary reason for a denial. The good news is that you can still obtain a letter later on in the process.

VA Disability Benefits are Automatically Awarded Upon Discharge

A guarantee of benefits at the end of your service would be convenient, but that is not how the system works. Unless you apply for disability benefits through the VA, you will never have the opportunity to receive them. Eligibility requirements are strictly enforced, which means some applicants will not qualify. Keep in mind that these payments are different compared to the lifetime of medical care provided through the VA.

It is Too Late to Seek a Nexus Letter if my VA Claim was Denied

While it can benefit you to obtain a nexus letter before you file your initial claim with the VA, there is nothing that prevents you from including one with an appeal. In fact, many people are strategic in their use of nexus letters due to their cost. 

Not only will the VA accept a nexus letter after the initial claim is denied, so long as it is filed with an appeal, but it is also one of the best ways to secure a favorable outcome on appeal. Law firms that assist veterans with their cases on appeal frequently request a veteran nexus letter as soon as they take the case.  

Only Doctors Can Write Nexus Letters

Another common misconception is that only physicians are authorized to write a nexus letter in a VA disability case. In reality, a wide range of medical professionals have the ability to write a letter on your behalf. 

Certain medical professionals with advanced degrees who are not doctors can also write these letters. For example, physician assistants and nurse practitioners frequently provide nexus letters in support of VA disability claims. These individuals receive a higher level of training and are allowed to see their own patients under supervision. In certain scenarios, a chiropractor may also submit a letter to the VA. This option is generally limited to cases involving neck and back pain. 

There are other options available to you, but some claims are best served by a veteran nexus letter written by a doctor or specialist. For example, a letter from a psychiatrist is likely to carry substantially more weight with a mental health claim compared to a document signed by a chiropractor.

I Can Always Pay For My Veteran Nexus Letter With My Benefits

Unlike hiring a lawyer to handle your VA disability case, most legitimate, ethical medical professionals will not write a nexus letter on contingency. The standard approach is billing a flat fee and requiring payment upfront. While there is an obvious benefit to contingent payments, this approach is not in the best interest of many veterans. The companies that do offer nexus letters on contingency fee often overcharge and engage in practices that have increasingly come under scrutiny by attorneys general in states across the country.  In most successful cases, the percentage of the award paid out for the nexus letter will be dramatically more than the upfront fees most people pay.

The Doctor Writing My Nexus Letter is Required to Give a Favorable Opinion

Doctors have an obligation to be truthful, particularly when they are providing a formal opinion to the federal government regarding your condition. This means there is always the possibility that the medical professional writing on your behalf is unable to provide you with a strong conclusion that your condition is as likely as not related to your service. 

At Elite Medical Review Associates, we pride ourselves on being veteran-oriented but strictly honest. We must work in an ethical manner to get the most out of your VA claim. If it appears the doctor we have connected you with is unable to support your contention, we will refund your payment beyond the cost of the initial evaluation.

A Veteran Nexus Letter Could Improve Your Chances of Success – Call Elite Medical Review Associates

These are only a few of the ways VA nexus letters are misunderstood. Having a clear understanding of what these letters do and how they work is important for any veteran considering a disability claim. Often, this correspondence is the difference between receiving benefits and having a claim denied. Getting the best possible outcome from your VA disability claim can be difficult without help. If you need a letter to support your claim, Elite Medical Review Associates is here to help. Contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options. 

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